Talk To A Mouse Removal Service To Get Rodents Out Of Your House

Having mice in your house can be a real problem. They can get into your food and contaminate it, as well as damage your wires and insulation. Mice can even climb into the insides of your stove and oven and make a home there. If you have mice, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Getting rid of them on your own can be challenging, so you might want to consider hiring a service that will do mouse removal for you. [Read More]

Cockroach Control Tips For The Garage

There are a lot of cockroach control tips out there. But if you've read through a lot of them, you've probably noticed a pattern: they tend to focus on kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, keeping roaches out of these spaces is important. However, if you have roaches in your garage, tips like "wash your dishes" aren't too helpful. Here are some more specific cockroach control tips that will help keep these pests out of your garage. [Read More]

Pest Control Tips To Help You Get Through Springtime

Spring is the time of year when you're cleaning out your home and garage and cleaning your yard. It's a time to begin anew, and pests feel the same way. They are just awakening from winter and are looking for a new place to find food, water, and shelter. Pests in the spring are a lot more active when they are looking for food, and they don't care where they find it, whether it's in your garage, your shed, or your pantry. [Read More]

Night Invaders: How To Spot Raccoon And Skunk Damage In Your Yard

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and different categories. Some pests are small, while others are quite large and more destructive. One of the sneakiest pests is those night invaders that prowl while you're sleeping. This means you don't know they've visited until you see the destruction they leave behind. Skunks and raccoons are two of the notorious pests that wait until dark to visit you. Both pests are also known to dig holes in the yard and cause other problems outside the home. [Read More]