Cockroach Control Tips For The Garage

There are a lot of cockroach control tips out there. But if you've read through a lot of them, you've probably noticed a pattern: they tend to focus on kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, keeping roaches out of these spaces is important. However, if you have roaches in your garage, tips like "wash your dishes" aren't too helpful. Here are some more specific cockroach control tips that will help keep these pests out of your garage. 

Replace worn weatherstripping along the door

Garage doors usually start off well sealed, but as they're used, the weatherstripping can tear and pull away. This gives roaches the perfect way into your garage. So, check your weatherstripping often, and if it looks worn or loose, either tack it back on or replace it. Roaches can squeeze through tiny holes, so even weatherstripping with small tears should be replaced or repaired.

Put out some bait

In your home, you may be cautious about putting bait out because you don't want kids or pets to get into them. But in your garage, it's generally safer to set bait out; you just have to keep kids and pets away from these spaces. Put the bait along the walls and near doors and windows. This helps ensure the roaches find them before feeding on anything else. Bait does not just kill the roaches that find them. Often, roaches will take some of the bait back to their nests to share with others, and those roaches will die, too.

Run a dehumidifier

Look for a portable dehumidifier that you can plug in. These generally collect water from the air and empty it into a compartment, which you have to empty every day or two. A dehumidifier will keep the air dry in your garage so any puddles or drops of water evaporate faster and don't attract roaches. It will also keep moisture from causing wood and cardboard materials to rot and break down. Roaches like to feed on these items when they're moist and rotten, but will typically leave them alone when they are dry and in good condition.

With these three strategies, you can mostly keep cockroaches out of your garage. Don't hesitate to contact a pest control company if you are still seeing roaches after implementing these tips. Although most of the work these companies do is in living spaces, they are often more than happy to work on a garage when needed.