How To Defend Your Home Against A Silverfish Invasion

Some pests that infest your home can potentially hurt you, such as bed bugs and certain types of spiders. Other pests may not be able to actually hurt you but are still insects that you do not want in your home. Silverfish, a common type of pest, are not pleasant to have around and can also cause damage to your home.

Create a Silverfish Prevention Plan

While there are some things you can do to reduce the odds of a silverfish infestation persisting in your home, you might not be able to eliminate silverfish unless you hire a residential pest control service. Your home might need a thorough inspection so that the technicians can determine if there are any areas with concentrated silverfish infestations. They will identify all access points so they can then work to eliminate the silverfish population.

Rather than simply spraying your home with pesticides, a residential pest control service comes up with a pest control management plan to gradually eliminate the silverfish. There are several changes you will want to make to your home to make sure that the silverfish no longer find your home attractive. 

Why Silverfish Are Attracted to Your Home

Silverfish primarily live inside buildings rather than outdoors. They are attracted to homes that are humid and where they have easy access to water. A pest control service might discover that your home has a plumbing leak, and you will then need to have it repaired. Running a dehumidifier can also help reduce moisture so that your home is too dry for silverfish. Areas of your home that are enclosed must also be well-ventilated.

Silverfish Can Easily Invade Your Home

Because of their small size, silverfish can usually squeeze through cracks. Therefore, a pest control service will make sure that the cracks are sealed so that it's difficult for silverfish to enter.

Pesticides Only Play a Small Role

Insecticides might also be used to kill silverfish and can help keep the population down. However, using insecticides alone is not enough to eliminate a silverfish population because they will eventually rebound until you make the necessary changes to your home.

Keep Silverfish from Coming Back

After the infestation is gone, the residential pest control service will treat your home regularly to make sure that the infestation does not come back. The frequency of the return visits depends on the severity of your infestation and the region in which you live.

Contact a residential pest control company to learn more.