When Do the Bugs You See Qualify as an Infestation?

Unless you really like bugs, you never want to see them in your home. And even if you like them, there are times when you know you shouldn't have them. But when does one bug signal an infestation, and when do a few bugs signal, well, nature? It depends on the bug.

When They Appear in Unusual Numbers

Some pests are ones you don't want in your home, but a few may get in anyway, and you just put out some baits that will kill them. But when these same bugs appear in numbers that are more than a few, then you know you have a problem. Ants, for example, often send scouts out and about, and these scouts can get into your home. One or two ants are scouts. Put out some baits and clean up your home. But more than just a few ants, and you've got a nest nearby that needs pest control treatment.

When They're Known to Be So Hidden That One Equals Many

Some bugs don't appear unless there are a lot of them nearby, and if there are a lot of them nearby, you'll have trouble getting rid of them without professional help. Roaches are a classic example; see one, and you can bet there are more. That's the time to call a pest control company. While store-bought baits work, pest control companies have super-strong gel bait that works on the nest as a whole and is much better at attracting and then killing the pests.

When They Don't Normally Appear in Your Home, but They're There Now

Yes, technically no bugs should be in your home, but some do get in just as a matter of nature. The fly that manages to zoom past you when you open the door on a hot summer day shouldn't be in there, but it can get in there and doesn't necessarily signal an infestation in your home. (Now, an infestation in your garbage or garden is a possibility.) But other bugs rarely show up inside, and they should not be in your home in numbers. For example, chinch bugs are lawn pests, and if you see a bunch of them in your home, you know that they did not just crawl over the door threshold when you opened the door, you need to call a pest control company.

Pest control companies such as Serv Pest Solutions offer spot treatments and regular preventive control. If you have an infestation, they can treat for those bugs; and if you haven't had one but have noticed more bugs than you'd like to, they can set up a contract with you for regular treatment. You need your home to be comfortable, and they can help.