Six Outdoor Mouse Pest Control Tips

If you noticed mice or their droppings in your backyard, then it is important to take proactive action to get rid of the rodents. Mouse pest control is important because rodents carry diseases, chew through electrical wiring, and otherwise make your life miserable.

Below are six tips to help you get the upper hand on the little furry nuisances in your yard:

#1: Don't Feed Your Pets Outdoors

The most important thing homeowners can do to prevent a rodent infestation is to stop feeding their cats and dogs outdoors. When you leave pet food and water out in the yard, it will attract rodents during the night while you are sleeping.

#2: Don't Feed the Birds or Squirrels

Even if you love watching squirrels and birds at their feeders in your backyard, remember that mice and other rodents are attracted to the seed as well. When you feed wildlife with seed, it spills all over the place and attracts rodents.

#3: Keep All Hedges and Bushes Trimmed

Rodents don't like to be out in the open because it makes them targets for predators such as large birds and cats. One of their favorite places to hide is in your landscaping under overgrown bushes and hedges. Keeping landscaping trimmed and away from fences goes a long way toward mouse pest control.

#4: Remove Lawnmowers and Other Random Items from Your Yard

If you store ladders, lawnmowers, bikes, and other stuff around the perimeter of your house instead of inside a shed or the garage, then these are also favorite places for mice to hide and safely travel around your yard. Put everything that needs to be stored either inside the garage or in a shed. The fewer places rodents can hide, the better.

#5: Remove Ivy and Climbing Plants

If your yard has ivy or other large climbing plants, they should be removed if your area has rodent problems. Mice and rats absolutely love ivy because it gives them cover to travel and lots of places where they can make a dry nest and raise their young.

#6: Compost Veggie Scraps in a Closed Barrel

If you are a gardener and have a compost pile where you recycle unwanted fruit and veggie scraps, move it into a barrel or spare trash can with a lid. By enclosing the compost pile, you make it inaccessible as a food source for rodents.

For more information about pest control, contact a local company, like Best Pest Control Services.