Using Bed Bug Behavior To Find An Infestation

One of the best ways to understand bed bug infestations is through better knowledge of where they live and how they thrive. By knowing more about bed bug behavior, you can use this newly-gained knowledge to spot them more quickly and take steps to eliminate them.

It is always best to eradicate the bed bugs at their first sign before the infestation becomes severe. Once the infestation gets out of hand, it will be much harder to control.

Here are some things that you should know about the behavior of bed bugs:

Bed Bugs Don't Like to be Disturbed

Bed bugs will hide in the dark during the daytime or at night when the lights are on in your home. Bed bugs prefer small cracks and crevices for their hideouts and will go there at the first sign of light. 

You will only see bedbugs if you actively search them out. When they see you or a light source nearby, they will run and hide to protect themselves.

Since bed bugs prefer to be active when it is dark, you can use this behavior to your advantage. Turn off all the lights in an affected area and leave the bed bugs to their devices. Come back a few hours with a bright light source and get a better idea of how bad the infestation really is by watching them run off to hide.

Bed Bugs Hunker Down Together in Groups

Contrary to what you might imagine, bedbugs are not solitary creatures. Bed bugs prefer to hunker down together in groups.

If you believe you brought bed bugs back from vacation, the most likely places to check are the baseboards, the bed frame, and any other small cracks or crevices in furniture.

Since bed bugs often hunker down together, ensure you are looking for groups of insects, not just one. 

Bed Bugs Prefer to Lay Eggs on Fabric, Paper, and Wood

When given a choice, bed bug females prefer to lay their eggs on fabric paper and wood items. Now that you know this, items made of these things are great places to check for eggs.

For example, you should check around wooden baseboards, furniture, stacks of books, bedding, and clothing items.

A Final Note

Finally, if you discover bed bugs or their eggs in your home, you must contact a pest control company as soon as possible. Bed bug extermination is a project best left to professionals.