Residential Pest Control Services For Termites

A homeowner could take top care of his or her home and still have hidden problems that are detrimental to the overall structural integrity. For example, the fastest way for the structural integrity of a house to be compromised is when there is a colony of termites present on the property. Termites are commonly hidden in areas that a homeowner cannot see, such as within the cavities of the walls, which is why pest control is necessary. The reason wall cavities are attractive to termites is that the pests have access to a substantial amount of wood. The attraction to wood is due to it being a food source for termites, as it contains cellulose that provides the pests with the nutrients they need to survive.  

The Speed of Damage Caused by Termites

Termites are the most detrimental pests to a home, and failing to invest in pest control could lead to you living in a home that is not structurally safe. The reason is due to termites having the ability to work nonstop throughout each hour of the day and night. Termites do not sleep, so they can quickly damage the wooden frame that makes up the structural integrity of your home. The damage comes from the pest eating the wood, and colonies having up to multiple thousands of termites. Termite destruction can happen without a homeowner knowing that it is taking place until mass destruction has been done.

Spotting & Treating a Termite Infestation

Although termites are often in areas that are hidden, they can still be found in the open. For example, any areas of your home that are constructed of wood might have dead or living termites present. The best way to spot termites is via the assistance of a pest control contractor. Professional contractors know where to look to find termites and how to bring them out of their colonies if they are present. Depending on the level of termite infestation, pest control can be done in several ways, including using bait to kill the pests directly in their colonies.

Keeping Termites Out of Your Home

Unfortunately, getting rid of termites does not mean that they will never come back again. If you want to lower the risk of termites invading your home, invest in occasional pest control services. Exterminators can also treat the exterior of your home to kill the pests, such as trees, as they are known to attract termites.

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