Removing Ticks From Your Home: Four Steps To Take

While ticks typically live outdoors, they can decide to make your home their new dwelling. If you find that you have ticks in your home, there are a few things you can do to get rid of these pests and keep your family safe from potentially dangerous tick bites. Here are some tick control steps you can take to reduce the tick threat in your home. Sanitize Pet Bedding And Toys [Read More]

Things To Do When Closing Your Cabin For The Season To Prevent A Pest Infestation

When you own a cabin that you close up for the winter, it is important to think about pests while you make your preparations for the time that the cabin will be unoccupied. The last thing you want is to return to your cabin in the warm spring months only to find an infestations of insects, mice, or rats. Luckily, with a little bit of planning, it is not difficult to keep critters out of your vacation home. [Read More]

Garage Conversions: Take These Steps To Prevent Pests From Invading Your New Hangout

You can't wait to turn your garage into your favorite place to spend your leisure hours. Yet, you also know that your house's garage is one of the most vulnerable areas for a pest invasion, and no one can relax with roaches and mice running around. Whether you are creating a dedicated game room or a place to indulge in your favorite craft, use these steps to make sure it is pest-proof: [Read More]

Tips For Eliminating A Roof Rat Problem

Roof rats are common household pests. They tend to like high places such as trees and the upper levels of buildings. They can be destructive if they take up residence in your attic. Roof rats also carry various diseases, so they are dangerous to have in your home. Controlling roof rats is a combination of killing off the rats in your house and blocking rats from getting inside. Here are some tips that might help keep the pests out of your house: [Read More]