Garage Conversions: Take These Steps To Prevent Pests From Invading Your New Hangout

You can't wait to turn your garage into your favorite place to spend your leisure hours. Yet, you also know that your house's garage is one of the most vulnerable areas for a pest invasion, and no one can relax with roaches and mice running around. Whether you are creating a dedicated game room or a place to indulge in your favorite craft, use these steps to make sure it is pest-proof:

Arrange for a Professional Inspection

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that pests have not already invaded. Although you might notice cockroaches, it is possible that hidden pests are living within less visible parts of your garage. For instance, termites burrow deep within wood surfaces, and rats make nests inside walls. Arrange for a residential pest extermination technician to perform an inspection to identify any current rodent or insect problems. If a problem is found, then make sure to have all of the pests exterminated before you begin your conversion project.

Perform All Necessary Repairs

During your residential pest inspection, it is possible that problem areas around your garage will be discovered that require prompt repair to stop a potential pest control problem from occurring. For instance, the seal around your garage door may need to be replaced, or there may be small holes on the exterior walls that a pest could use to get inside. Spend some time making sure that all potential entry points are repaired so that you can avoid new infestations.

Incorporate Preventative Strategies

Once your garage is fully converted and pest-free, you want to keep it that way. If your garage door is still operational, then try to avoid opening it since pests only need a few seconds to get inside. Your prevention plan should also include residential pest extermination services each season to inspect and eradicate any new pests that arrive with the changes in the weather. Then, encourage everyone who visits your hangout to keep food and drinks cleaned up so that pests are not attracted to your favorite space.

You've always dreamed of having a space that is dedicated solely for pursuing your favorite hobbies. Now, you can't wait to watch your dream unfold as you set to work on converting your garage into a relaxing oasis. By planning an attack on pests from the very beginning, you can enjoy your new space in total comfort and peace.