What Happens If You Ignore Termites?

Termites are such tiny creatures that people tend to ignore their presence. How much damage can termites do to your home? Can they damage a home beyond repair? You may have asked yourself these questions when debating whether to seek termite control or ignore them. 

If you're wondering what to do, here are reasons not to ignore termite control.

Termite Colonies Are Large 

If you can spot a few termites around, there is probably a large colony nearby. The colony can have a million or more termites, and they multiply quickly. Once termites find cellulose and other nutrients they need to thrive, they'll multiply and form separate colonies. 

You only need a king and queen to start a colony that can grow to as large as millions. Therefore, if you notice even a few termites, don't ignore them. Contact a pest control company and request pest control services. 

Termites Can Cause Massive Damage

It would take several millennia for a single termite to cause extensive damage to your home. However, if you have several large colonies in your home, the rate of damage increases. It only takes a few years before the damage becomes noticeable. 

If you wait for longer, the colony continues growing bigger, and the damage increases. By then, most of the wood components in your home may be destroyed. 

Termites Are Persistent 

Termites won't walk away after several months or years. They'll continue eating at your home until they're done and move on to the surrounding properties. They won't stop unless you exterminate them. 

By the time you notice signs of termite damage, it's been years since the infestation began. You'll notice holes in drywalls, hollow sounds when you tap wood, visible swarms of termites, and the appearance of water damage. If you notice any of these signs, seek termite control services immediately. 

Termites Pose Safety Risks 

Termites are so tiny that their bites will have minimal effect on you. It's unlikely that a single bite will cause any severe damage to your skin. They don't spread diseases, and when bitten, you'll only notice symptoms such as swelling, redness, or itching. 

The termites don't necessarily pose a threat to your pets or kids. However, if left uncontrolled, termites will damage the structural integrity of your home. It can take years before you notice the damage, and by then, the damage is extensive. You can be injured if the structural integrity of your house is compromised. Call a termite control professional for help.