True Or False? 4 Common Pest Control Myths Debunked

There are lots of crazy stories out there about pests. Some of them have been passed down throughout generations. Some have come from clever marketers, while others are just naturally embedded into your consciousness. 

Unfortunately, believing these stories may hinder your ability to eliminate pests from your home. Thus, this post seeks to demystify four myths about pest control. 

Myth 1: Pests Aren't There If You Can't See Them

You may think there are no pests in your home because you can't see them. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Most pests are shy and thrive by hiding from your sight. For example, rodents like to come out of their nests when you're out of the house or asleep so they can move about uninterrupted. Nocturnal insects like beetles and bed bugs will only be active at night. 

Some pests like termites and ants may also remain hidden inside your walls for years. By the time you detect them, extensive property damage will have been done. Therefore, seek regular inspection services by a pest control company, even if you can't see any pest.

Myth 2: Your Cat Will Keep Rodents Away From Your Property

You may have confidence in your cats, and your cats may be able to scare off a rat or two. But what if you're dealing with a large mice infestation? How many mice can they eat in a day before they're satisfied? 

Besides, rodents are extremely tough to catch. Most domesticated cats have been so used to play and treats that they lack a killer instinct. In fact, mice may multiply in a home with a cat because they're attracted by pet food. 

Myth 3: The Only Thing Pest Control Experts Do Is Spray Chemicals

When many people hear of pest control, they automatically think of chemicals. Hence, they're hesitant to hire pest control professionals because they wouldn't want their kids or pets to contact harmful chemicals. 

The good news is that pest control professionals don't always include pesticides in their treatment plans. After inspecting your home, they may develop other solutions like trapping, sealing the pest entry points, and eradicating the conditions that allow pests to thrive. If they have to use chemicals, they'll use safe, natural pesticides and apply them in a way that they can't come into contact with your kids or pets. 

Myth 4: Pests Only Enter Unsanitary Homes

While it's true that most pests are attracted to dirty homes where food sources are readily accessible, clean homes aren't exempt. Some pests can enter your home while hidden in bags, boxes, or luggage from other locations. Your home being clean won't stop them from entering. 

Rodents will also enter any building searching for stored food, pet food, vegetables, clothes, cables, or anything else they can munch. Hence, keeping your home clean is recommendable but not a guarantee that you're free from pests.