4 Post-Construction Termite Control Methods

Ideally, termite control should be done before, during, and after constructing your house. But, if you didn't get the chance to do pre-construction termite control, all isn't lost. You can still count on post-construction termite treatments to eliminate these destructive pests from your home. 

However, the methods used in the post-construction period will be different from those in the pre-construction period. To keep you informed, here are four termite control methods used in the post-construction stage. 

Detailed Inspection

Before applying any termite treatments, pest control professionals will conduct a thorough inspection all over your property. Termites can remain undetected for a long time, only to be noticed after they have done extensive damage. Therefore, the experts will check all concealed areas, including cracks within walls, the ceiling wood, woodpiles, bookshelves, and areas surrounding the staircase, among other places.  

Apart from identifying termites harboring grounds, the inspection also helps determine the type of termites that have invaded your home, the level of infestation, and its cause. From there, the termite exterminators will develop an effective treatment plan. 

Treating Wooden Fixtures

Termites primarily feed on wood. Therefore, your wooden fixtures are more prone to termite infestation. These include your doors, frames, window sills, and wood furniture items. The exterminators may drill holes in convenient places and inject treatments before concealing them. As a result, no termite will be able to get to your home's wooden structures. 

The treatments may also involve directly applying termiticides on the wooden fixtures and furniture. Any termite that consumes the treated wood will die. The good thing with involving professional exterminators is that they know which chemicals can kill termites and not harm humans and pets. 

Treating the Foundation, Walls, and Floor Junctions

Subterranean termites love to build their nests underground. They build mud tubes that allow them to access food without being exposed to predators. However, since their main food source is wood, they can tunnel a few feet to your home's foundation, causing significant damage. Termite control professionals can build a trench around your home to hold a termiticide treatment barrier. Consequently, no termite will pass the trench and get to your home.

Additionally, the experts will excavate small channels along the joints where your walls meet with the floor. They'll then insert a chemical treatment inside those channels to remove any termite infestation on your walls.

Destroying Termite Pathways

Termite extermination involves putting measures in place to ensure these pests don't invade your home in the future. Hence, pest control experts will destroy all the termite mounds and tubes on your property. This may involve digging deep underground to ensure the entire colony has been eliminated. 

They'll also spray these areas with the right chemical treatments to ensure not one termite is left roaming around your property. In the end, you can relax, knowing the termite problem is now a thing of the past.

To learn more about termite control, contact a pest control company near you.