Refuting A Few Popular Myths About Bed Bug Removals

Bed bugs can be an extremely unpleasant problem to have, and if your home has recently developed this issue, you may not be very informed about this particular threat. In fact, you may be under the impression that a few common misconceptions are true, and if this is the case, it can make addressing this issue more difficult than necessary. By learning the truth behind these three myths, you will find yourself better able to address your home's bed bug problem.

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Live In Furniture

There is a particularly common misconception that bed bugs only live in upholstered furniture. While these are certainly some of the places that bed bugs will infest, they are typically attracted to any type of cloth or fabric. As a result, you may find that your clothing, carpeting, and any plush toys are at risk of becoming infested. Due to this fact, it is recommended to have a professional pest control expert address this problem as they will be able to thoroughly sanitize the house to help prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Myth: Bed Bugs Always Leave Painful Welts

One of the more unpleasant aspects of having bed bugs in your home is that you are likely to be bitten at night while you are asleep. Some individuals may assume that these bites will always leave large welts on the skin. However, bed bugs bites are typically more similar to flea and mosquito bites. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may be allergic to the saliva of bed bugs, which may cause them to break out in a rash following being bitten. You can help to minimize these unpleasant side effects with an antihistamine

Myth: There Is No Way To Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home

Sadly, it can be common for individuals to assume that bed bugs are an unavoidable scourge, but there is a common sense way that you can help to reduce the likelihood of your home developing this problem. Bed bugs are often spread through luggage as they will hide in the clothes in your suitcase. Fortunately, you can help to neutralize bed bugs by making sure to thoroughly wash your clothes whenever you get home from a trip. However, standard laundry detergents will not be effective at neutralizing bed bugs. You will need to add a bed bug pesticide to the detergent before washing to eliminate any of these pests that may have hidden in your luggage.

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