How To Prevent Possums From Overtaking Your Property

Possums can be more than just pests in your backyard. They can damage your home, and they can carry flesh-eating bacteria. Keeping these animals away from your property is important if you live in an area where possums are commonly found. Use the following tips to prevent possums from overtaking your property and your home.

Eliminate Outdoor Food Sources

Possums are not picky eaters. They can feed on a wide range of foods, including grubs, small rodents, vegetation, birds and garbage. While you can't eliminate all sources of food, you can limit the food sources possums can find on your property. If you have pets, keep their food indoors. Avoid placing bird feeders in trees, as possums can climb trees easily to access the birdseed. Consider placing weights or weighted lids on outdoor garbage containers to prevent possums from getting into the trash.

Have Your Lawn Treated For Grubs And Insects

Even when they aren't living in your home, possums can be an issue on your lawn. They tend to burrow into the ground to look for grubs and other food sources, so having your lawn chemically treated can prevent them from digging holes throughout your property. Having the lawn treated can also prevent a variety of other insects, such as ants, ticks and fleas, from invading your lawn. These pests can be a nuisance for a range of reasons.

Seal Off Potential Nesting Areas

Preventing possums from creating homes in your yard is critical to keeping them off of your property. Seal any spaces underneath your porch or deck where possums might be able to burrow in. If you have a crawl space under your home, talk to a contractor about different steps you can take to prevent animals from entering your home through the crawl space. Hire a tree trimming service to prevent possums from transferring from the trees to the roof of your home, as the possums can use this as a way to enter your attic, and fill in any holes in the tree trunks to prevent possums from nesting there.

If you've seen possums in your neighborhood, take the proper steps to prevent them from invading your home and property. Eliminate food sources and nesting spots that possums can use to call your home their home, and work with a pest control expert to keep these animals away from your property for good. A company like The Animal Movers offers pest removal.