Keeping Spiders Away From Your Patio's Dining Area

If you use your patio as an area to get together with friends and family to have meals together during the summertime, you most likely wish to spend this time without the presence of insects of any kind. Since spiders can be a hindrance to the enjoyment of spending time outdoors, making sure they are not a nuisance in the area you use for dining is necessary. Here are some steps you can take to help in keeping these crawling pests away from your patio area.

Clean The Area To Remove Webs

Taking the time to clean your patio furniture and its surroundings on a regular basis will help in keeping spiders from taking up residence in the area. Make sure to wipe down the undersides of chairs and tables and check any area where shade is present as spiders may be lurking in these spots waiting for an unsuspecting insect to crawl past. Doing routine cleaning processes will make spiders more likely to move on to other areas as they will tire of needing to reconstruct webs for the capturing of their food.

Make The Area Unattractive To Spiders

Spiders prefer areas where they can make webs to collect insects without difficulty. If you have several decorative patio items in the area, spiders will have many places to choose from to set up camp. It is a good idea to position items far apart so spiders cannot use them as posting areas for the sides of webs without difficulty. It is also a good idea to spray a diluted solution of an essential oil like tree tea, peppermint, citrus or lavender in the area as spiders will shy away from these scents.

Make Sure Lighting Is Kept Subdued

If your patio is well-lit during the evening and nighttime hours, spiders are more likely to be present in the area. It is best to keep your exterior lights from illuminating the area you wish to use for dining. Spiders will congregate in an area where lighting is abundant as it attracts insects. Consider turning on an exterior light to illuminate another area of your property so spiders will move away from your patio and to this spot instead. Alternately, place yellow light bulbs in the fixtures that direct lighting toward your patio. These are harder to be seen by many insects, keeping the bug population, and thereby the spider population, at a minimum.

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