Refuting A Few Popular Myths About Bed Bug Removals

Bed bugs can be an extremely unpleasant problem to have, and if your home has recently developed this issue, you may not be very informed about this particular threat. In fact, you may be under the impression that a few common misconceptions are true, and if this is the case, it can make addressing this issue more difficult than necessary. By learning the truth behind these three myths, you will find yourself better able to address your home's bed bug problem. [Read More]

How To Prevent Possums From Overtaking Your Property

Possums can be more than just pests in your backyard. They can damage your home, and they can carry flesh-eating bacteria. Keeping these animals away from your property is important if you live in an area where possums are commonly found. Use the following tips to prevent possums from overtaking your property and your home. Eliminate Outdoor Food Sources Possums are not picky eaters. They can feed on a wide range of foods, including grubs, small rodents, vegetation, birds and garbage. [Read More]

Have Insects Swarming Around The Top Of Your Chimney? What To Know

If you are having a problem with the wasps and bees at the top of your chimney, it's time to call a few professionals for help. There are many dangers for the home and for the occupants when insects nest in the wood of the chimney. The insects need to be removed, the house needs to be inspected, and all of the damages need to be repaired. Here are a few things you want to consider if you're dealing with this problem on your property. [Read More]