5 Types Of Insects (Other Than Clothes Moths) That Could Damage Your Clothing

Even if you keep pheromone traps posted everywhere to watch for clothes moths, your clothes could still be damaged by another type of pest that sneaks in under the radar. Here are five types of non-moth critters that might try to consume your belongings. 1. Varied carpet beetle  Carpet beetle infestations are more common in America than you'd expect, but their presence often goes unnoticed for the simple reason that they often don't do much damage. [Read More]

Four Things To Expect When You Call An Exterminator For A Bed Bug Problem

If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, naturally, you will call an exterminator. But if you have never had an experience with bed bugs, you need to understand that eliminating this type of insect is much different than other insects. They are difficult to find, and they live near the places you sit and sleep. The types of chemicals used to kill them must be used in a manner that does not hurt people. [Read More]

Has Recent Construction In Your Neighborhood Sent Scorpions Fleeing To Your Home? 3 Tips To Get These Pests Under Control

You work hard to keep a pest-free house, yet there are sometimes factors that you can't control that send critters in your direction. Scorpions are one pest that you never want to have in your house since even non-venomous types pack a painful sting. Unfortunately, construction work near your house tends to disturb scorpions and send them scurrying to find shelter in safer areas. Now that your house has become scorpion territory use these tips to get their populations under control quickly. [Read More]

The Weather Is Warming Up: How To Control The Ants Before They Get The Upper Hand

Now that the warm weather is finally here, you've probably started noticing ant activity around the house. If you've already started spraying them with pesticide as soon as you find them, you might be setting yourself up for an even bigger infestation. That's because the ants that are in your home, or around your yard, are actually the worker ants. They're the ones that the queen sends out to gather her food for her. [Read More]