What You Can Do To Help Control Stink Bugs In Your Home

Stink bugs are a pest that are not harmful, but they are a nuisance. They sneak into your home and may scare you sometime in the middle of winter when you least expect them to be present in your house. These pests are simply that, a pest. They find their way into your home, unwanted and uninvited. There are ways to get rid of them and ways to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Read on for some helpful information to use as a guide to control these pests.

Seal Your Home

You need to seal your home properly to protect it against these pests. You can seal around your windows and doors and fill in cracks and crevices that you may have along your foundation, in your siding, or other areas of your home where these pests can easily make their way inside - as well as other pests. Seal your home, then look around for other ways these pests may be gaining access to your home. This may be through a hole in a screen door or window, or you may have a gap in a window or door. You may also have small gaps where your pipes come into your home, or where wiring comes into your home. Seal around these areas as well.

Turn Out The Lights

These pests are attracted to light and warmth, so if you have your exterior lights on all of the time, or you keep your blinds open at night, it's going to attract these pests to your home. You may not be able to help that your home is warm on the exterior in the sunlight, but at night, you can do something about the lights to prevent them from attracting them to your home. Turn off exterior lighting and close your curtains/blinds at night as well.

Vacuum The Pests

The best way to get rid of the stink bugs once you have them in your home is with a vacuum cleaner extension hose. Using a tissue and flushing the pests is another thing you can do, but if you have a lot of them, you should just use your trusty vacuum cleaner. These pests give off a foul odor when they are squished, which is how they got their name, so be sure not to smash them to prevent them from giving off their foul odor.

If you have a problem with stink bugs, there are ways to get rid of them and prevent them in the first place. Hire a professional pest control company such as Target Pest Control to rid your home of these pests.