Why Do You Keep Getting Rodent Infestations?

Do you keep exterminating rodents, only for them to come back again and again? To get rid of them long-term, you need to figure out what is attracting them in the first place. Here are three key things that contribute to repeat rodent infestations. Address them, and you'll generally get the problem under control.


People often assume they are not leaving any food out for rodents, but then under closer inspection, they realize that they are. Do you leave pet food out at night? That might be attracting rodents. If you have any bushes in your yard that produce fruit, such as cherries, that could also be a rodent attractant. Sometimes it's trash bags that they can chew right through. Other times, it might be crumbs left behind by a toddler. Do a thorough walk-through of your home, garage, and landscape, and get rid of (or seal away) anything that a rodent may want to munch on.


Rodents need water, and if conditions outside are dry, they will quickly move into spaces where they can get water. Do you have a leaky faucet or a sink that holds onto some water? Maybe you leave a bowl of water out for the dog. Even a toilet can be a suitable source of water for rodents, so make sure you are closing your toilet lids when you are not using them. Check for leaks in the roof; they also contribute to rodent infestations.


Your home itself is shelter for rodents, so if they can find a way in, they will. You, therefore, need to make sure your home is well sealed off so they can't enter. Of course, this means patching any holes or cracks in the home structure. But it also means making sure all of your vents need to have grates or mesh covers over them. Check your sewer vents, chimney, furnace vents, and roof vents. If any of them are without covers, you can generally staple some mesh over them as a temporary fix until you're able to buy a real cover. Check over any outbuildings and garages, too.

If rodents cannot get food, water, or shelter at your place, they will soon move on. If you have an active rodent infestation, start by calling an exterminator. They can get rid of the rodents, and then you can move on to addressing the issues discussed above. For more information on rodent control, contact a professional near you.