5 Reasons to Consider Animal Removal

Wild animals can be a real nuisance if they decide to make your yard or house their home. Although living next to wildlife can be inspiring, there are times when problem wildlife must be removed from your property. 

1. Disease Concerns

Wild animals can carry a multitude of dangerous diseases, including deadly types such as rabies. Salmonella, along with a variety of bacterial and viral diseases, can also be spread from wild animals to humans or pets, even with minimal contact with the wild animal. As a general rule, never handle wildlife if you can avoid it. Instead, leave this to the professionals that have proper training and safety gear. 

2. Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas can be a real nuisance in some areas, and sometimes they carry dangerous diseases or parasites that can spread to humans and pets alike. Wild animals are often hosts to these pests, and they can bring them into your yard or into your home if the animal gets into your living spaces. Getting rid of the ticks and fleas can be more challenging than removing the animal, so you want to have the animal removed as quickly as possible. 

3. General Safety

A wild animal, even one in good health, can be dangerous. They may attack, bite, and claw in order to protect themselves if they are scared or otherwise feel threatened. Even smaller animals can cause major injuries, and the injuries can prove fatal to pets in the home or yard. A scratch or small bite from a wild animal can require stitches or it may lead to a major infection. 

4. Lawn Destruction

Some animal pests can damage your landscaping. Skunks may nose furrows in the lawn as they seek grubs and roots. Raccoons can destroy gardens and make a mess of garbage cans. Other animals may dig, burrow, or pull up garden plants as they seek out food and shelter. Removing the animals from the property may be the only way to counteract any damages. 

5. Property Damage

Wild animals don't just stay outside. They can get into your home and cause expensive damage. Raccoons and squirrels, for example, will sometimes tear holes in the roof so they can nest in the attic. Skunks may burrow into crawlspaces or under the home, permeating the floorboards with their musk. Birds and bats may also get into attics or other areas, creating damage from both the entrances they create and from their copious amount of droppings. 

Contact an animal removal service if you have a problem with wildlife wreaking havoc around your home.