Mistakes To Avoid When You Discover You Have Bed Bugs

After waking up in the middle of the night to find that you have bed bugs biting you, you may go into a panic mode, wanting to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, when trying to deal with this situation, make sure you avoid making the mistakes discussed below.

Sleeping Somewhere Else

When you wake up with bed bugs crawling all over you, your first instinct is probably to go sleep somewhere else. After all, since the bugs are in your bed, you can easily get away from them if you sleep on the couch, right?

Unfortunately, finding someplace else to sleep will not get you away from the problem. In fact, it will most likely make things worse.

If the bed bugs have been crawling on you in your bed, a couple of the bugs have probably found a hiding place where you do not see them. When you get up to go to sleep elsewhere, they will travel with you.

Not only will they continue to enjoy their blood meal, but you will infest a different bed or couch in your home and spread the problem around if they are not already there.

Thinking the Bugs Are Only in Your Bed

Since you now know that you cannot simply walk away from the bugs, you may decide that the first thing you will do in the morning is pulling your mattresses and box springs out of your house in hopes of sending the pests on their way. However, doing so would not only let them drop off throughout your house, but it would also be an exercise in futility.

Contrary to their what they are named, bed bugs do not confine themselves only to your bed. They do not even only stay in cushioned furniture like your chair or couch.

They can hide in bookcases, dressers, or even in the pockets of your clothes. And, since they can also hide in the crevices of your floorboards or inside your air vents, you could literally get rid of everything in your home and still not get rid of the bed bugs. 

If you discover bed bugs in your home, avoid making the above mistakes, and don't try to get rid of them on your own. Contact professional pest control services to have them determine the extent of the infestation and discuss options for dealing with the problem.