Has Recent Construction In Your Neighborhood Sent Scorpions Fleeing To Your Home? 3 Tips To Get These Pests Under Control

You work hard to keep a pest-free house, yet there are sometimes factors that you can't control that send critters in your direction. Scorpions are one pest that you never want to have in your house since even non-venomous types pack a painful sting. Unfortunately, construction work near your house tends to disturb scorpions and send them scurrying to find shelter in safer areas. Now that your house has become scorpion territory use these tips to get their populations under control quickly.

1. Seal Your House

Scorpions are capable of sliding through the smallest of cracks. Although scorpions can vary in size, you should assume that any crack that a dime or paperclip could fit through is large enough to be used as an entry point. Carefully check around your house for cracks that scorpions could be using to come inside. Usually, these are around windows and doors that lead to the exterior of your house. Remember to check around the garage area as well. If you find damaged areas, repair them as necessary. Often, some simple weatherstripping or caulk around these areas works wonders for reducing populations as you focus on scorpion removal.

2. Eliminate Shelters

Infestations sometimes take a while for homeowners to notice because scorpions tend to hide during the day and come out at night in search of food. Reducing the amount of hiding places around your house makes it less hospitable to scorpions. Keep cardboard boxes off of the ground, and eliminate other types of clutter such as stacks of paper or clothing. Outside, you need to keep wood piles as far from the house as possible and avoid placing mulch or rocks too close to the exterior perimeter of the building.

3. Control Other Insect Populations

As with many other pests, scorpions need food to survive. Since these arachnids thrive on eating insects, scorpion control also requires you to reduce other pest populations as well. Regular pest control treatments can eliminate pests such as cockroaches and flying insects so that the scorpions move on to another location where they have a better food supply.

While scorpions play a valuable role in the environment by keeping pest populations down, you never want to find them in your house. Now that you know how to eliminate scorpions, you can look forward to watching the new houses in your neighborhood come up without worrying about them sending a pest problem your way.