How To Reduce The Risk Of Pest Infestations In Storage Units

Putting your items into a storage unit can help free up space within your home and can make it easier for you to organize your belongings. However, there is a distinct possibility that your items may become damaged due to a pest infestation once they are moved into a storage unit. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to make pest infestations and the resulting damage much less likely.

Proper Containers

When packing your smaller items into containers for storage, you should avoid cardboard boxes. While the most affordable option, cardboard boxes are also susceptible to moisture damage, and they can be easily eaten through by insects and rodents, which is a particular concern if the items inside are also made out of softer materials, like fabrics or leather. Instead, consider investing in plastic boxes and totes; while slightly more expensive, they are waterproof and much more durable, and they will keep pests away from your most valuable belongings.

Make Use of Pallets

For items that cannot be packaged into individual boxes, you may want to consider purchasing a number of pallets to line the floor of your storage unit with (you can also stack your boxes on top of the pallets, for an added layer of protection). These pallets will keep your items off the ground and make it harder for pests to reach your items. This has the added benefit of protecting your items from moisture and minor flooding damage which may occur, preventing water damage and mold growth as well.

Wrap Furniture

For upholstered items, like couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture, especially if they are antiques or relatively fragile, you may want to wrap them to protect them from moths and other insects which can damage them. Plastic tarps and moving blankets can provide a layer of protection that pests have a hard time getting through, and they will also keep small amounts of moisture and dust away from your furniture.

Use Repellents

Finally, one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep pests away is to invest in some deterrents, available at most hardware stores, to spread around your storage unit and place in your boxes. Cedar blocks are a natural pest repellent and won't give your clothes and items a chemical smell, but you can also always invest in chemical traps, sprays, and other traditional deterrents and repellents like moth balls to keep particular pests well away from your storage unit. 

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