Dealing With Mice

Finding that you have mice in your home is always concerning. It is hard to know how long the mice have been in your home, and how much damage they may have done. Mice will often get into the insulation and wiring of your home, and cause a great deal of damage. Mice are also known to carry Hantavirus. This virus can be deadly to humans. It goes without saying that you want to get the little beasts out of your home as soon as possible. Here are a few ways that you can keep mice out of the home, but also get rid of them if they find their way inside. 


One of the most common reasons that mice will come into a home is to find food. If they find food they will often stay. Mice will also simply come into a home that they feel comfortable in. Taking a way a food source is a great way to keep mice out of the home. So, if you find mice in your home you are going to want to put your home through a very deep cleaning. Make sure that you take everything out of your cupboards and pantries so you can sweep and mop. 

Seal Your Home

Mice have to get into your home one way or another. A great way to keep mice out of your home is to seal it up. Often mice will come through a gap in the door or by a window. Taking a weekend and calking the windows is a great way to seal up your home better. You may also want to have your foundations inspected for any cracks or chips. If you have cracks in your foundation, first they ought to be fixed. Seal the cracks with some grout and then seal the foundation with a polymer seal. 


A very effective way to kill mice is to trap them. Some individuals like to use poison because they do not have to see a dead mouse. While poison is a very effective mouse killer, the mice usually die inside the walls. Traps kill the mouse instantly and allow you to throw the mouse away. To trap mice, which are very curious, make sure that you plant your traps perpendicular to the wall with the trigger toward the wall. This will force the mouse to flip the switch. You can also hire a local pest service for your mice removal needs.