5 Things You Need To Know About Grass Spiders

Grass spiders are a genus of spiders that build distinctive, funnel-shaped webs in shrubs and grass. You may encounter them in your backyard. Here are five things you need to know about grass spiders.

What do they look like?

Grass spiders are a genus of spiders, not a single species, so their appearance can vary a bit. They tend to be fairly large spiders with bodies ranging from 7 to 17 mm (0.27 to 0.67 inches) in length; that measurement does not include their legs. They are tan or grey and have two dark brown or black bands running down the lengths of their backs. Their legs are always very hairy and covered in many spines. They move quickly and you may not get a good look at them before they run away.

These spiders can also be identified by their distinctive webs. These webs are funnel-shaped and can be as large as several square feet.

Where do they live?

Grass spiders are found in every state in America and every Canadian province and are common throughout their range. You may see their webs on your bushes or even on your lawn. It's easiest to see the webs in these locations early in the morning when the spider silk is wet with dew.

They may also live in the corners of structures like houses or sheds, depending on the style of the structure. Structures with porch eaves, vinyl sidings, or broken mortar are preferred by these spiders since they need a gap for the narrow end of their funnel web to retreat into.

Are they dangerous?

Grass spiders are shy, non-aggressive spiders. They prefer to run away quickly when they see people or other possible threats coming their way. They only bite if they feel like they don't have any other option and aren't able to run away. For example, the spider might bite you if you tried to pick it up,

Can they infest your house?

Grass spiders are outdoor spiders and are not well-adapted to indoor life. The males may accidentally wander into your house in the summer or fall while they're looking for mates, but they won't stay there. The females usually stay in their webs and only leave when it's time to build a new web.

How can you control them?

If you don't have many grass spiders in your yard, you don't need to do anything as they are not dangerous. If you have a lot of these spiders and they are keeping you from being able to use your lawn or garden, you can have a pest control company spray your yard with residual insecticides. Residual insecticides keep working for a prolonged period.

Grass spiders aren't dangerous, but if they take over your yard, call a pest control company, such as pest extermination by Peninsula Pest Control, to help you reclaim your lawn and garden.